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About us

Vidhu Duggal and Company (‘VDC’) is a Delhi-based Chartered Accountancy firm with a strong staff of competent and proficient Chartered Accountants that are capable of handling all aspects of the financial services industry. We are a young and dynamic firm of Chartered Accountants with the goal of providing a single point of contact for the whole spectrum of financial services in the region.
We have been providing the highest level of professional services in the areas of accounting and auditing; income tax; goods and services tax; company law; the Foreign Exchange Management Act; import and export; start-up services; NGO related services; international taxation; transfer pricing; financial services; and other related areas. Engaging the hearts and minds of coworkers and transforming our Firm into a fantastic place to work is a never-ending endeavour that gets better with each passing year

who we are


Our approach is to take care of all the regulatory issues and concerns of our clients.

The main focus remains on the client at all times. A team of professionals and experts is then pooled together, having expertise, skills and experience over various regulatory and industrial domains in which the client operates.

Businesses are changing and we need to keep up! At Vidhu Duggal & Company, our purpose is to create confidence and trust in the economic realm and to deliver the best of services, when it comes to audits, taxes and assurance.

With a robust team that has the required skill-set and expertise, we strive to maintain utmost trust, transparency and efficiency.

Solutions to complex issues such as new business models, mergers, acquisitions, tax strategies, whether in India or outside, are entirely based on the advice of this team. The objective is to innovative and develop out of the box solutions with a view to provide value enhancement for our clients.

The market is constantly evolving and so are we! Our sole purpose and vision is to ensure that your business path is secure, clear and risk free.


Think Global. Act Local→ With presence and clients all across the world, team VDC follows a global approach yet prefers to stay absolutely connected & answerable to our clients at ground level.

Action-oriented→ VDC focuses on bridging the gap between opportunities and action; nurturing associations to relationships by investing not just time and resources but our specialization and passion to client’s business.

Responsive & Reliable→ We take our responsibility to respond to your business challenges passionately and sincerely.

Expertise → We render a vast spectrum of services with expertise handling issues dealing with all aspects of corporate life giving our clients multiple reasons to appreciate our expertise and rely on us

Trust → We are unique in the fact that each one of our team members is INDEPENDENT owing to individual expertise; yet we are bound together with an unspoken promise of trust towards each other and our clients.



  • We are a thriving firm of chartered accountants to provide a single point of contact for all financial services.
  • We are a leading accounting firm specialising in accounting, auditing, income tax, goods and services tax, company law, the Foreign Exchange Management Act, import and export, start-up services, non-profit services, international taxation, transfer pricing, financial services, and more.
  • Engaging coworkers' hearts and minds and making our firm a terrific place to work is a never-ending journey that gets better with each passing year.
  • Vidhu Duggal & Co., staffing champions, enlivens and enjoys a culture that is congruent and aligned with their personal and professional principles.
  • We hold seminars, training, and other learning programs for our employees and articles so that they can learn more and serve our customers more effectively.
  • We keep up with all the latest editions of books and journals. We spend a lot of money on books and software to ensure that our employees have the best and most comprehensive knowledge in every area.


  • We believe that integrity is the most important value in the company because it is the driving force behind getting things done. It is the collective version of individual integrity where "I will do what I say I will do" becomes "We will do what we say we will do."
  • We have a strong trust over three words—Follow Through, Get Real, and Speak Up—comprise this notion of Firm Integrity.
  • While working for a client or our personal, we work with great honesty. Our firm has always believed that "honesty is the best policy," as seen by our work.


  • Professional integrity and independence are important characteristics in many professions, but they are especially important in the accounting profession.
  • The independence of our firm is a cornerstone of our particular profession and the fundamental premise that underpins the auditing profession's public image.
  • The auditor's independence must not only exist in reality but also appear to all reasonable people to exist.
  • In a similar vein, our connection with our client is similar; first, we please ourselves with our independence, and then we go after the client.
  • We believe that both the Companies Act of 2013 and the Chartered Accountants Act of 1949 provide enough ethics. We take the same route to cross it.
  • Independence, Integrity, Objectivity, Confidentiality, and Professional Behaviours are to be followed by all Firm employees.