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Startup Valuation & Advisory

Business Plan

VDC, as a leader in startup advisory space, helps you refine your ideas and strategies and mould them into a viable business plan.
As a business plan consultant, we make your Business Plan which serves to elaborate a proper strategy for the business and provides information to the investors for decision making.

What are the key features of Our business Plan –

  • Includes all the key metrics in the plan keeping it detailed yet specific, as required by the prospective investors
  • Building financial models by considering economic growth of the company, market and changes in business conditions – Geographical and Sectoral.
  • Creating financial projections, and projected financial statements to provide a financial vision to Investors
  • We analyze the critical industry gaps and perform a market research beforehand to understand the industry of the business.

Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation enables you to decide the stake dilution for your company, when an incoming investor is willing to invest into your idea or business. It is also important in matters of Joint Ventures, Mergers, IPOs, Intellectual Property exchange, or for the purpose of determining the true worth of Brand.
Business Valuation is the basic tool that helps in taking a financially informed decision about the financial prospects of the venture. Valuation of Business, as well as Brand, is carefully studied from qualitative and quantitative considerations to arrive at True Value of your Enterprise.

Startup Valuation & Advisory
Startup Valuation & Advisory

Pitch Decks

A Pitch deck is your introduction about the team, product and your business strategy. Our expert team which has experience of Investment deals, Due Diligence and Investment Analysis from Investor perspective which helps in designing an effective Pitch that communicates your idea to the Investor.
VDC help startups and businesses in Investor Pitch Decks, Business Presentation for government collaborations & Story board presentations. We have our expert team who help you to make a solid pitch deck which will describe the business plan in a more graphical and innovative way. We professionally & creatively depict the highlights of business plan in a Pitch Deck.

Startup India Recognition

The government is looking at Startups in India as an important contributor to the GDP and development of New India. We help in a successful tie-up of your startup in the Startup India scheme to avail various benefits available from Government of tax, fund raising and other grounds.

Startup Valuation & Advisory