Vidhu Duggal & Co....

Competency, know-how, experience and expertise motivate us to offer a wide range of outsourcing services to our clients and helping them to manage heavy workloads and ease the burden. Taking peace of mind as an ideal, we provide a capable helping hand to our clients.VDC is known for the best accounting and book-keeping services in Delhi.

To support smaller companies, we have enhanced our base in the following areas: -


We undertake accounting services to meet the requirements of small companies' requirements and multiple overseas organisations having subsidiaries in India. These entities need the data on a real-time basis. To meet such requirements, proper accounting plays an important role.


Similarly, we use cloud-based payroll software to simplify the interaction between employee and employer, resulting in bettering their relations. Each employee shall get login credentials to make it easier for them to view/download payslips, upload reimbursement expenses/vouchers and investment declarations. We also consult in HR documentation services such as the issue of various appointment letters and HR policies.


We help prepare valuable reports and presentations for the investors and companies where the investments require periodic reports such as cash flow statements, profitability statements and return on investment.


At VDC, we have developed such a working culture to meet the compliance requirements of various business entities and includes multiple reports and returns submitted to different departments.